City of Toronto – Toronto Youth Equity Strategy

Toronto Youth Equity Strategy – Pre-Charge Diversion

In 2014 the City of Toronto created the Toronto Youth Equity Strategy (TYES).  The strategy includes X recommendations to support positive outcomes for youth.  TYES “is based on the idea that youth who are most vulnerable to involvement in serious violence and crime do not have equitable access to the comprehensive supports they need to change their lives for the better.”


Among the recommendations was a review of current pre-charge diversion programs, including a revised model based on the findings.  This report highlights my findings of the literature review of pre-charge diversion programs and the root causes of crime.  The report also suggests how the City of Toronto should implement an effective, evidence-based model of pre-charge diversion to reduce the use of youth court and address the root causes of offending behaviour.

TYES Pre-Charge Diversion


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